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The Greyhound Foundation

The Greyhound Foundation and its Board of Trustees and its committee members is comprised of volunteers from our community and our school district. 

A growth-oriented and strong partnership between the Greyhound Foundation and the Directors of our School Board is a positive, highly engaged, and active conversation.  Supported by the Trustees, both individually and collectively, we are strengthening the Foundation’s role.  We are embarking on an ambitious journey and together with our community partners will create and enhance the school environment at all levels for our students. Both organizations, the Board of School Directors and the Greyhound Foundation, realize that public school funding has become a critical issue in our country.   With your support, the time is now to take the work of the Foundation to a higher level.  



The Greyhound Foundation was established in 2001.  It serves to expand and develop educational opportunities for all students within our district. We encourage and support academic enhancement, innovation, transformational change, staff development, and scholarships. In accordance with the Shippensburg Area School District (Greyhound) Foundation Bylaws, as amended by Trustee action duly taken on January 16, 2013, the function of the Shippensburg Area School District (Greyhound) Foundation is to enhance and enrich the educational programs for our students. The Foundation shall operate so as to not commit any act which would result in it's losing its tax exempt status under existing federal law.

The Board of Trustees

Philip Fague, Chair

Josh Diehl, Vice Chair

Monica Balafoutas, Treasurer

Tom Gleason, Vice Treasurer

Jennifer Flinchbaugh, Secretary

Ben Faesel

Rebecca Gardner

Jill Hubbard                 

Dr. Michael Lyman




Troy Shively

Dr. Cheryl Slattery

Susan Spicka


Non-voting Members

William August

Leslee Delong

Steph Eberly


Sarah Fanus

Cristy Lentz

Susan Fink, Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director

Susan Fink is a proud graduate of the Shippensburg Area School District. She brings more than 20-years of experience as a senior nonprofit leader to the Foundation.  She has served multiple regional and global missions, raising money for education, hunger, healthcare, and disaster relief.  Her entire career has focused on advocating for underserved populations, families, and children. In her position, she will help focus the Foundation's efforts on bringing higher visibility to the needs of our public education system. Most importantly, she will work to raise funds to inspire and empower our students and teachers.  She firmly believes that The Greyhound Foundation is here to be a trusted partner to our school district and enrich the academic experience for all of our scholars, artists and athletes.

Get in touch with her at:

She'll be very glad to hear from you.

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