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Greyhound Foundation Arts 

The Greyhound Foundation enthusiastically supports and promotes innovative and exciting visual and performing arts experiences for SASD students.

Please give generously to the Visual Arts or Performing Arts programs of the Arts Committee Fund.

Help us help our students to artfully express themselves!

Theatre! & Music!

The Foundation approves the purchase of an 11-unit Keyboard LAB for the high school music department!

10 students at one time can learn and practice keyboard technique while receiving one-on-one, private instruction. The keyboard lab allows for skill-building continuity between the Middle School and High School Labs within the music department. The Foundation is incredibly proud to have supported both of these programs.



Arts Committee

Christopher Martin, Chair
Jennifer Deibler
Dr. Misty Knight

Suzanne Lloyd
Shelly Lovett
Dr. Michael Lyman
Melanie Madamba
John Piper
Aric Sites

Here come 4 Fender Passport Venue portable P.A. systems for the use at school events!  

Musical and dramatic performances, guest speaking engagements, and meetings will never sound the same! 

In fact, we are going to sound better than ever! 

The systems were purchased with funds from the Greyhound Foundation's Performing Arts Fund.

SASHS and SAMS will each have their own systems.

The two other amazing Fender systems will be shared between the intermediate school and James Burd Elementary. The 4th system will be shared between Nancy Grayson and the Grace B. Luhrs Elementary Schools.

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