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Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing is a free program to help students entering Kindergarten and First Grade have a smooth transition into the upcoming school year as well as improve literacy skills. Based on a student’s Kindergarten Registration information or Kindergarten Teacher Referral, he/she may be invited to attend Smooth Sailing.

Our goal is to provide foundational skills for incoming Kindergarten children and to provide targeted, data driven, intervention to children starting the First Grade school year.

Smooth Sailing is held every year the week before school begins in August. Students attend for five days (Monday-Friday) from 8:30am – 12:00pm at a designated local elementary school. Lunch and bus transportation are provided for these students.

Students spend the day in small groups routing through different classrooms that focus on specific skills they will experience in school. These skills include: fine motor skills, alphabetic principle, kid-writing, school routines, letter formation, and guided reading. During the day, students also get to enjoy and explore the use of iPads.

Smooth Sailing 2019 will be held August 12 – August 16, 2019 at Nancy Grayson Elementary School.

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