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Greyhound Foundation Athletics Committee

Athletic Committee News

The Greyhound Foundation Athletic Committee has been busy! Since the start of the 2021-22 school year, The Athletic Committee has helped to facilitate the following improvements to our sporting programs and facilities:

Banners———All teams

Portable speaker system—Soccer and Field Hockey

New MS Practice Mat——Wrestling

Greyhound Chairs— Volleyball, Wrestling, Bocce, etc.

Middle School Scoring Table—Basketball

SASHS Gym Scoreboards—Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling and Bocce

Swimming Record Board-- Swimming

Softball Scoreboard—Softball

Cheerleading Flag—Cheerleading

Foul poles at Softball Field—Softball

Volleyball Net Sleeve—Volleyball

Committee Members

Chris Debias

Jason Henry

Tim Hess

Jeremy Holderbaum

Jill Hubbard

Melissa Jones

Troy Shively

 Sarah Fanus- Athletic Director

(Ex Officio)

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