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Mary Jane Taylor Education Mini-Grants awarded

We are proud to acknowledge the following Mini-Grant winners for this year:

  • Mike Peters (high school)- $900 to support the school newspaper printing

  • Kim Yonish (high school)- $900 for flexible seating

  • Carrie Krebs and Cara Varholy (middle school)- $582.46 for PBIS student activities

  • Eric Foust (high school)- $350 for Cricut for the Classroom (practical and STEM-related skills)

  • Jaime Shirk (high school)- $1,000 for Author-In-Residence, Children's Literature (professional writing instruction)

  • Renee Stewart (high school)- $398.80 for Gaming Solutions for Pandemics (management and solutions for epidemics)

  • Brooke Bell (intermediate)- $544.99 for Fruit Friday (task organization and money)

  • Beth Jones (intermediate)- $900 for Celebrating a Range of Choices in Literature (create a culture of reading)

  • Victoria Dennis (high school)- $1,000 for Active and Flexible Seating

  • Elizabeth Laird (middle school)- $450 for SAMS Room 1 Coffee House Project (job skills)

  • Stacey Rotz (middle school)- $220 for Stock Market Exploration (real-life application of Algebra)

  • Shannon Heckman and Holly Garner (elementary, Grace B Luhrs)- $1,000 Shippensburg Community Little Free Libraries (community access to books and encourage love of reading)

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