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Mary Jane Taylor

Education Mini-Grants

Mary Jane Taylor (1941-2018) was a local and international education leader.  Passionate about bringing high quality educational experiences to all children, she was a founding member of the Greyhound Foundation. She became an educator after graduating Mansfield State Teacher’s College and receiving her Master of Science Degree in Education from Bucknell University in 1967. 


Throughout her career this remarkable educator positively impacted students of all ages. We will forever miss her enthusiasm, idealism, wisdom and grace.


The Greyhound Foundation honors her memory through our Mini-Grant program. We invite applications from educators who can demonstrate innovative projects that address an identified educational need directly benefitting the students of our school district.  


The Foundation sets aside funds for this program annually and accepts proposal requests ranging from $250 to $1,000.  If a proposal requires additional funding, the budget must be clearly defined.  The grant has a six-month implementation period and the project must be offered between November 2023 through May 2024.  This grant is competitive and will be awarded to those proposals that best meet the stated criteria. 

The grant application can be downloaded below.

MJT image_edited_edited.png

Joining the faculty of the Rowland Laboratory School in 1969 (now known as the Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School) she assumed directorship of the school in 1986. During her long and distinguished career, she worked as a research consultant for the U.S. Department of Education, as a classroom teacher, Head Start director, university professor, and school administrator.  Mrs. Taylor also served on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Laboratory Schools.

DUE DATE for 2023-2024 
Applications must be received in SASHS office by 4:00 pm, September 15, 2023

  2022-2023 Mary Jane Taylor Education Mini-Grant Recipients

  • High School Special Education teacher Caitlin Cressler - awarded $403.73 for her project to improve social and emotional learning and behavior through the caring of a crested gecko as the class pet.

  • Nancy Grayson Elementary School Kindergarten teacher Emalie Diehl - awarded $523.63 for her project to provide meaningful learning experiences through dramatic play.

  • High School Special Education teacher Eric Foust - awarded $600 for upgrading and making more efficient the district coffee shop benefitting student workers and patrons.

  • Intermediate School Librarian Beth Jones - awarded $735.42 for projects celebrating and encouraging students to read new and different books from a range of titles, while supporting a culture of reading by sharing.

  • High School Science teacher John Kasarda - awarded $1,000 for his project to bring digital balance scales for use in chemistry, physics, environmental and forensic science classes.

  • Middle School Gifted teacher Amanda Kirkpatrick - awarded $410 for field trip opportunities engaging 7th & 8th grade gifted STEM students to apply their learnings during guided tours of the North Museum of Nature and Science while also taking part in a hands-on workshop at the Lancaster Science Factory.

  • 5th Grade teacher Matthew Renninger - awarded $1,000 toward projects involving 3D printing, designing, and engraving.

  • Intermediate School Math Coach Marsha Schmus - awarded $799.92 that provides individual abacus-like devices to kindergarten and first grade classrooms to help with structuring numbers.

  • High School Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) teacher Chadd Shipp - awarded $759.96 toward purchases of four state-of-the-art food processors to be used in FCS classes.

  • 4th Grade teacher Terri Vetock - awarded $619.02 for computational connections using literary and concrete materials to build mathematical understanding. The hands-on math learning materials paired with high engagement picture books aims to build a conceptual understanding of math.

  • High School Music teacher Jennifer Deibler was awarded $850 for her choral master class project. Students perform a choral song for a music professional in a master class setting while receiving feedback and coaching on performance and technique.

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